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GymTurf®  incorporates many patented technologies to produce the highest quality, multi-sport surface available today.


Built-in Connection System

GymTurf® uses the patented and patent pending FLEXI-Connect® system to connect each section.  Each turf section is connected for “No Slip–Just Grip” assurance.  No extra hook & loop required making setup and storage easy.

Gym turf portable roll out turf for sports


Flexible Rolls Make Setup Easy

GymTurf® also incorporates the Dollamur FLEXI-Roll® foam backing.  A flexible backing means rolls can be stored in an upright position taking up less space.  Unroll quickly for fast setup.

Gym turf portable roll out turf for sports

Get The Spec’s

“No Slip–Just Grip” with advanced technology.  Specially designed GymTurf®  is player friendly and does not cause turf burns like other products. “True Bounce” cushioning is superior to any other portable practice surface. For more information, click on the image or Contact Us.

Gym turf portable roll out turf for sports

GymTurf U.S. Patents 8,800,233, 8,307,233 and other patents pending.