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GymTurf – Portable, Indoor Turf and Sled Tracks

Turn any building into an indoor sport practice field. Portable, roll-out turf offers the ideal traction and performance to protect players for any sport, any time, in any weather.

With Dollamur GymTurf® you will never have your practice interrupted because of weather or scheduling again.
Easily and quickly turn any building into an indoor practice field. Low-impact, padded, no turf burns and G-MAX tested.


Get the traction you need for any sport. The FLEXI-Connect® built-in connection system ensures the turf will not separate between seams for a ‘No Slip–Just Grip’ surface.


Ideal surface for off-season or days when the weather restricts your ability to conduct a full speed practice. Offers an optional training space for Special teams.


Easy to roll-out and roll-up with FLEXI-Roll® backing.  Stores easily in an up-right position.


GymTurf® can give you an edge over the competition by no longer restricting your practice due to weather. More importantly, this new indoor turf protects players with a non-abrasive, padded surface. GymTurf® is available in various sizes and features our FLEXI-Connect® built-in connection system. No additional materials are required.


Indoor sport surfaces for practice and conditioning training 365 days a year.  GymTurf® is the ONLY surface that protects players and provides quality practice for any sport, any time, in any weather.

LaCrosse practice under way with indoor gym turf roll flooring


  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Lacrosse
  • Field Hockey
  • Functional Fitness
  • And more…
  • Meets FIFA Standard

  • Setup Fast
  • Easy to Roll-out and Roll-up
  • Roll-up for Easy Storage
  • Stores in a Upright Position – Less Space

  • Portable
  • High-Performance
  • Non-Abrasive
  • Slip Resistant
  • Protects Players and Helps Prevent Injuries
  • Financing Options Available



SAVE $$$ Demo Portable Sled Turf Tracks 33' Length

High performance, durable turf and sled tracks to enhance your fitness area and gym. GymTurf® Turf and Sled Track rolls are available in 58″ inches wide (width may vary slightly) length with 5/8″ high density athletic foam backing. GymTurf is portable or can be permanently installed in your indoor gym or fitness area. GymTurf can be rolled out and rolled up to store easily.

High-density athletic foam ensures you have the perfect padded surface with stable traction for your athletic needs.

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GymTurf 365 Traction

“GymTurf® has been a game changer for us.  When Texas weather gets in our way, we now have peace-of-mind knowing a safe, high-quality alternative is only steps away inside our gym.”

Steve Prud'Homme
Athletic Director, Nolan Catholic High School
Gym turf portable roll out turf for sports

“Our goal in developing GymTurf® was to offer an indoor alternative where athletes could perform a full practice and compete at the same level as they would outdoors.”

Don Ochsenreiter
CEO, Dollamur