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Dallas company’s new portable turf can take outdoor activities indoors

Jul 18, 2015, 8:00am CDT Updated Jul 18, 2015, 12:01pm CDT

Athletes can beat the Texas heat with GymTurf 365, a portable turf surface meant for indoor use.

The product was developed by Fort Worth’s Dollamur Sports Surfaces, which manufactures flooring and mats for wrestling, martial arts, gymnastics, cheerleading, yoga and other athletic activities. The company worked on GymTurf 365 for nearly a year and a half before unveiling it at a private event this week.

“When it’s cold and there’s snow on the ground in Michigan or storms in Tampa or extreme heat in Dallas, teams can’t practice,” Dollamur CEO Don Ochsenreiter said. “We wanted to develop an indoor alternative for outdoor teams where they could do a full practice or compete at the same level they could outdoors.”

Dollamur’s patent-pending product is made up of 5-foot-wide strips of engineered synthetic turf. In 45 minutes or less, rolls of the turf can be spread out and connected with Dollamur’s patented hook system and then taken down in 20 minutes.
Unlike traditional turf, GymTurf 365 does not use rubber infill to keep a performance-grade feel to its surface. Instead, the turf strips are glued to foam backing.

“On an outdoor field there’s little rubber pellets that they fill across the field to give the field a certain performance characteristic,” Ochsenreiter said. “It’s annoying in that it’s loose particles you have to fill in. That’s not required in our indoor field.”

And Dollamur’s product is much less expensive than building a full indoor sports practice field that may cost millions of dollars. The typical high school basketball floor can be covered in GymTurf for roughly $35,000.

The product will be rolled out for purchase on September 1. Fort Worth’s Nolan Catholic High School has used the turf since this spring, and Dollamur plans to introduce the turf to additional select high schools around the country to get the word out about its product and capitalize on the estimated $100 million turf market.

“A high school is our primary customer because they have multiple outdoor sports, but we’ll also be targeting any indoor facility that needs to have portable, high-performance turf,” Ochsenreiter added.

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