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Where To Use GymTurf®?

GymTurf® is the most versatile product available. Portable and convenient, just roll-out and you can be setup in just minutes for temporary or permanent installation. See some of these multi-purpose applications for GymTurf®.  Financing options are available.

GymTurf Your…Gymnasium & Indoor Sports Facility

Built-In Connection—No Separation, No Gaps. GymTurf incorporates our patent FLEXI-Connect® hook & loop connection system. No need for extra tape with this built-in feature. Your mats are vitually seamless. Your facility now becomes multi-use to accommodate summer camps, sports practice, after school programs and much more.

Introducing GoFitTurf™ by Dollamur

All-Around Fitness Turf

High performance quality that is durable and safe with no rubber infill for easy maintenance. 3/4″ pile height reacts naturally with a almost perfect 50/50 blend of nylon and polyethylene.

  • Permanent or portable install
  • Add inlaid hash marks, agility ladders and logos. No paint to flake off.
  • Approved for fitness, sleds and agility training

More Colors Available:

Fitness turf tracks, portable roll out turf for gym
GymTurf, Rock It CrossFit, Fort Worth/Arlington, TX
GymTurf, Rock It CrossFit, Fort Worth/Arlington, TX

GymTurf Your…Fitness, Training & Boot Camp

Durable Athletic Turf Bonded to Low-Impact Foam. Many fitness facilities benefit from indoor turf tracks for sprint training, fitness workouts and conditioning training. Even functional fitness sleds can be used on this turf. Roll-out GymTurf for temporary or permanent tracks.

Check out Epic Fitness who uses a mix of GymTurf Tracks and FLEXI-Roll with FLEXI-Connect Tatami Vinyl Mats.

For more information, visit www.dollamur.com/fitness/gymturf-tracks